Virtual Scalable Builder Assistance

Objective & Opportunity

The Day 2+ solution unlocks a strategic approach to interior services for owners, allowing them to achieve and satisfy their goals with a B2B end-to-end enterprise platform.


A lack of integration and end-to-end technology to manage small to mid-size construction projects. A regular occurring outcome is a deployed technology stack inclusive of a series of independent point-solutions that creates an inefficient experience for employees, managers, vendors and owners alike.


Often the outcome generated is of manual processes leading to both data and operational inefficiency causing a lack of real-time transparency for all involved parties.

Day2+ Presents ‘The Solution’

will seek to transform the managed service & product delivery model to spotlight the road to a better way with a complete solution in a purpose-built & highly scalable end-end integrated proprietary platform solution that emphasizes decision technology. The fully integrated platform will seek to displace any current fragmented or missing data framework, to provide and enable a business to concurrently create and act on critical information as well as to activate a marketplace where Owners, Managers, General Contractors and Sub-Contractors can come together to more efficiently manage their General Building construction projects.

Opportunities for Enhancing Business Value

Control & Regulatory Benefits
Enhanced Regulatory & Compliance Adherence
Reduce Operational Risk
Improve Data Quality
Data Distribution
Governance Oversight
Management Info
Customer & Financial Benefits
Customer Experience
Operational Efficiency
Cost Reduction
Decommission Legacy Technology
Strategic Enablement
Enhanced Reporting & Analytics
Business Drivers
Enhanced Governance & Compliance
User Experience
Risk Mitigation
Enhanced Reporting & Analytics
Improved Data Quality
Improve Client Satisfaction