Service Partner

STOBG's secret sauce has always been the “client first” mentality. Regardless of the project size or scope, STOBG's commitment is first to the client and their vision, enabling them to set new standards in building efficiency and sustainability, or in employee wellness and productivity, or in-patient care or technology-or whatever their goals may be.

STOBG is also at the leading edge of construction management. They use virtual tools to reduce project costs and schedules, improve speed to market, and keep them fully adaptable throughout the entire process. STOBG's unique company ownership model, shared between their own employees and strategic outside advisors, also provides the resources for them to invest even further in the people, processes, and technologies that best serve their clients.

STOBG is able to maintain those high standards thanks to their diverse resources and expertise. The STO Building Group family of companies—Structure Tone, LF Driscoll, Structure Tone Southwest, Structure Tone International, Pavarini North East Construction, Pavarini McGovern,Govan Brown, Ajax Building Company, BCCI Construction, Layton Construction, Abbott Construction, RC Andersen, and STO Mission Critical, —includes over 4,500 employees located in offices throughout the US, Canada, UK, and Ireland.

Together, STOBG is able to provide a complete range of services, from site selection analysis, design constructability review, and aesthetic enhancements to renovated interior fit-outs for a wide range of terrific clients, new building construction, and major building infrastructure upgrades and modernization.

Technology Partner

Unified end-to-end team of cross-functional professionals collaborating to evaluate & generate Day 2+.

~70+ Theron professionals driving the Day 2+ solution opportunity with an on-shore/off-shore model combining the best of customer intimacy and low-cost leverage.

Theron has deployed seasoned professionals with extensive experience across leading service organizations, and has delivered significant business value across many sectors through digitization and reengineering of operational processes.

Theron, Powered By Bit A Proprietary Platform

will perform real-time analysis continually in review of user behaviors from structured and unstructured data sources to support Theron in making the right business decision on any individual work stream delivered.

Our Unified team powered by its proprietary Bit platform will fundamentally disrupt operating processes of the enterprise it integrates with to improve the customer experience for all stakeholders and aggregate delivery and outcome.

Theron team members, through use of the platform, are able to leverage its agility to design the best practice work space for a given role, generating efficiency in time and cost, which enables higher rate of clients responsiveness.

A dynamic multi-tier platform that integrates a transformative shared business logic across multiple work streams, disciplines and clients. Stakeholders are engaged and empowered at every step in the value chain to provide an unparalleled experience in transparency and delivery.

Theron is able to demonstrate an enterprise strategy focused on execution excellence driving scale and sustainability.

Theron Advantage

Theron is a Strategy Advisory and Technology Solutions organization, that provides an effective Offshore & Onshore full-time team member mix to support our client’s delivery.
Technology Strategy (Onshore)
Experienced professionals hired directly from relevant industries or management firms.
Program/Project Management
Analysis & Design
Solution Architecture
Target Operating Model
Technology Strategy
Technology Delivery (Offshore)
High-caliber specialists who are experienced in providing enterprise scale delivery.
Data + Digital Strategy
Business Intelligence
Implementation Services
Application Management
Transformation Services
Unique Turnkey Organization delivering Scale & Quality at Pace
Our unified teams of product and delivery specialists
Maximum efficiency and speed of service delivery
Minimum waste and excess utility throughout the value chain
Alignment of objectives creating a mutually beneficial managed outcome model
Seasoned professionals with extensive experience across leading service organizations focused on providing and enabling a client’s business to create actionable information. Theron has a structured and repeatable approach to accelerate and support efforts from Roadmap, Benefits Case and defining the Target State Landscape, to executing the Program via system decommission, transformation/consolidation and innovation services.
As an alternative to the traditional IT vendor service organization, Theron has a proven approach that drives significant efficiency.