Competitive Position

Understanding the Current Industry Competitive Positioning Landscape
In-market transactional tools for project delivery and processes do not provide actionable results and create a disconnected experience for all stakeholders
Application Disparity
  • Stand-alone applications
  • Generate risks in data integrity, monitoring of the work performed and to status codes where each step is within each application
Completeness to Applications
  • Spreadsheets to perform data verification
  • Lack of structured data with audit log
  • Minimal transaction monitoring statuses
  • Challenging to debug an issue & QA the data
Manual Processes: both within & outside Applications
  • Lack of automation within application to validate data entered, which results in business areas producing work arounds to verify data; also can lead to re-keying information into multiple systems and increases the likelihood of human error
  • No uniform system integration
  • No managed workflow within the application
  • Minimal data sharing/reporting
  • Client history and relationship management. For information normally included within a CRM, the business areas extracts data from the Data Warehouse and perform searches in MS Excel or Smartsheets to acquire sufficient information to be responsive to customer or vendor needs
  • An application's use of MS SQL for data provides for limited time period data and focus on creation and modification of data. However, retrieval of mined data rather than only upkeep of individual transactions is necessary to generate business outcomes that will deliver advanced reporting and business intelligence, including predictive analytics

Why Day 2+

The Current Friction and Lack of Visibility to the Aggregate Performance Led to a Need for Day 2+.

Independent technologies create disparate data sets and limit analysis and insight

  • Data Strategy is not standardized and performed disparately across business functions and asset classes
  • Subsequent tasks to store, report & analyze business data are strained, and lack refinement by enrichment, visualization or automation of workflows
  • The tasks for data collection, normally specific to a single application, are performed by full-time equivalents (FTE)

Effective 'Running-the-Business' exists primarily off technology application

  • Need to address the current landscape & enable businesses to create actionable information by an end-to-end integrated application
  • Modernize the industry through technology, massive data and analytics generating efficient & low-cost delivery
  • Intelligently manage processes in real-time with data-driven decision making

Key Industry Trends in Support of Innovation

  • Pervasive adoption of technology is accelerating change in the industry
  • Proliferation of mobile devices and connected systems drives accelerated adoption of technology
  • Digitization is driving better decisions, process efficiencies, price transparency & cost controls
  • Drive for equity in durable approach & sustainable methodology to workload fulfillment

Pain Points

Inconsistent Quality
Lack of Speed
High / Opaque Costs
Increasing Data Entry Burden
Inconsistent Workflow
Vendor Management Complexity
Lack of Effective Technology Capabilities
Inefficient Back Office
Lack of Quality Control

Our Solution

No other technology offering brings together the capabilities for end-to-end small project delivery.

The market deserves a better solution, today's project delivery tools lead to pain on both supply and demand sides that creates friction and waste. Day 2+ Product Suite "M" addresses the diverse set of challenges.

Applications are commonly constructed as transactional platforms which have disparate data sources, limited time period data and focus on creation and modification of data exclusively. With the Day 2+ business solution, you will have combined technology and operational excellence to create value for Owners, Employees and Partners alike. "M" is constructed first as an analytical platform or data warehouse, built for analysis of leveraged business logic and retrieval of mined data rather than only efficient upkeep of individual transactions.